Online Digital Menus

Digital Menus give you and your customer a better, smoother relationship

Our Vision

We see a paperless future where digital menus won't just be a perk, but will be the standard. We know that the existing ordering systems require large upfront costs and tablet devices that are just too expensive and time consuming for the average restaurant or cafe. That's why we created Zenu, so your customers can simply use their smartphones to view, order, and pay. It's that easy!

Keeping an eye on the Tokyo 2020 Olympics

Over 40 million tourists are estimated to come to Tokyo in the year 2020, most of them cannot speak Japanese, is your shop ready?

The Founding Team

The team from around the world responsible for changing the Food & Beverage industry forever!

Jared Fullwiler


Founder - From USA - JP Morgan > Mitsubishi UFJ > Dentsu Creative X. Disruption and food champion in Japan.

Marton Apai

Hungary / China

Co-founder & CTO - Enthusiast of bringing creative ideas into existence. Besides, an avid travel photographer who is obsessed about Asian cultures and street food.

Lian Hoy

New Zealand

Lead Developer - From Malaysia. Loves simplifying life through tech. Also a food critic that can't cook!


Join an exciting new team in Tokyo!