Shop Owners

Introducing Digital Menus

Digital menus open up entire new possibilities for you and your customers

Multi-Language Menus

Don't let language barriers get in the way of your customers being able to enjoy their dining experience. Human translations ensure your customers have the best experience possible, in their own language.

No Downloading, No Installation

We designed Zenu with simplicity in mind, no downloading apps or software and no installing expensive tablets. So easy to use, your staff or customers will be able to go from the 1st time!

Remarketing/ SEO

When customers access your digital menu, it allows you to reach them through Google or Facebook etc., this is something that can't be done with paper menus!

Why Digital Menus?

With our online menu manager, you can now update the menu in real time. Ran out of fish? Instantly take it off the menu. Want to run a happy hour special? Instantly change the price.

Check out some of the current options below:

On / Off Toggle

Has a menu item sold out? Instantly remove it from the menu across all languages

Item Rearrange

Change the order of your menu across all languages to feature certain items

Easily tag food items

Around the world people with vegetarian/ vegan lifestyles or allergies such as gluten are getting more prevalent. Help your customers feel comfortable eating at your place

Instant Picture Uploads

Upload photos of your menu items easily with your smartphone instantly!

Eco Friendly

Helping reduce waste in the environment by reducing waste needed for printing menus and receipts

Links within the menu

Links within the menu can help customers understand what that cocktail is made with, or what that wine would taste good with...

How it Works


Set up your online menu on our system

Our easy setup lets you Sign up and choose the number of locations and languages you want, simple! We can even help you get started.


We send you your QR Code

We will send you your unique QR code for your restaurant/cafe. Your customers can instantly access your menu by scanning the QR code.


Display your QR code in your shop

Be creative! Display them how you want!


Be Active

Update your menu from your PC or your phone, anytime, anywhere

Our main goal from the start was to make an affordable and convenient digital menu system so you can focus on what you do best



Basic - FREE 

Get up and running with 1 location in 1 language for free


per additional LOCATION

Growing and have more than 1 location?

Great! Zenu scales with you, add more locations for a low monthly fee and easily manage you locations from a central dashboard


Per additional LANGUAGE

We live in a global world and chances are you have some international customers, let them order in confidence in their language